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Your bedroom is an important room in the house where you can unplug, unwind and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Even if you have a small bedroom, it can be an inviting place where you can look forward to a restful night of rejuvenation to prepare for the challenges of the next day.

Decorators know that it is possible to expand your small bedroom visually by keeping it neat and well-organized and choosing low-profile bedroom furniture scaled in proportion to the space. A profusion of natural and artificial light, a soft color palette and multi-functional furniture can help.

Here are some valuable tips to make your small bedroom appear even larger.

1. Clear the Clutter

A tidy and orderly bedroom creates a welcome, calming environment. When you clear the clutter, you have the added advantage of making your bedroom appear larger. Hide necessary items like bedding and clothing in storage furniture like dressers, chests and armoires. Today many beds have built-in storage to help control the clutter.

2. Embrace Minimalism

“Less is more” is a familiar mantra often repeated by those who embrace minimalism. Thinking in terms of stashing or getting rid of extraneous items is especially important in a smaller space, like a small bedroom. Choose furniture carefully and opt for just a few high-style decorative items to make the room look larger.

3 Lighten it Up

You can make your bedroom seem larger with lighter neutral colors on the walls, and by using the decorator trick of painting the ceiling a couple of shades even lighter. Enhance natural light with high hats, chandeliers, and lamps.

4. Pay Attention to Scale

When you choose bedroom furniture for a smaller space, opt for furniture pieces that are in proportion to the size of the room. A queen-size bed may fit better than a king and make your bedroom appear larger.

Some name brands feature bedroom furniture collections designed on a smaller scale. Low-profile bedroom furniture creates more space between the furniture and the ceiling, giving the room a larger appearance.

5. Think Multifunctional

Multifunctional bedroom furniture can open up the space both visually and literally. Consider a sofa bed to expand your living space and transform your bedroom into a den or home office by day, and a comfortable bedroom by night. Other multifunctional pieces for the bedroom include storage bed benches and armoires that can hide a TV and provide storage space for clothing.

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